Handmade Shower Pans and Surrounds

Shower pans and surrounds in 36 Italian Marble and Quartz Colors

Pictured is a custom shower surround with subway tile pattern. Custom shower patterns may vary from sheet to sheet. Please consult your salesperson when ordering.
Standard Shower Bases

Get the perfect fit for your current space

Select one of our showers in 36 Italian marble and quartz colors!

Standard shower pans are designed to fit a variety of spaces. These pans are the most commonly used sizes and shapes and can easily replace an existing floorplan.

Measure your desired shower location and select one the models below for a quick and easy bathroom facelift.

These bases are available in 13 Italian marble colors and 23 rich quartz colors, all backed with the same limited lifetime warranty.

Standard Shapes

Custom showers

Custom Shower Pans

Your shower, your way

Custom bases up to 96” x 120” with an off-set or centered drain. Comes with a non-skid surface. 1/4” per foot drain slope. Either a custom threshold or ADA ramp is included at no additional cost.

Custom Surrounds and Panels

We can manufacture single flat panels up to 62” x 156”. We recommend 3/8” flat stock for shower or other vertical applications, while other situations may require 3/4” flat stock. Polished ends or customization may incur additional fees.


Shower Necessities

Customize your shower the way you like it.

Your shower is your space. Customize your space with beautiful accessories that make your shower more functional and convenient.

Match your wall panels or make the space more contemporary by selecting one of our accessories in 36 Italian marble and quartz colors!