Should you install your quartz or marble yourself?

DIY or Professional Installation? Which route should you take with your new surfaces?

Should you install your quartz yourself?
With some basic tools, and a couple friends, you can install your own surfaces.

Remodeling? Should you install your own marble or quartz? If you’re a handy person, and have access to basic woodworking tools, you can do this!

Of course, if you want it installed, we can help you find an installer. We have our own installers that can handle your install or independent contractors that we can recommend should the job go beyond the basic material install should you need a complete makeover.

We have detailed written instructions for all items and have knowledgeable employees that can answer most installation questions. If you have access to a sander, drill, level, circular saw, tape measure – you have the basic tools needed. Find these documents here.

Showers come with trim pieces that cut installation time in half and also provide a double seal against leaks in corners. Tight fitting of shower corners is not required with our trim pieces and make life more enjoyable.

We know how rewarding it can be to install your quartz or marble yourself, and we’re here to help. The hardest part of this whole process is deciding on just the right color for your project.

Looking for supplies for installation? Check out this list

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